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Brett Durston is a wonderful man. I have been fortunate to have been seeing him for a year . I find him to be gifted, intuitive and non judgmental. He has helped change my life on a deep personal level, through his talent and dedication in Kinesiology. I have no problem in recommending him.
Alice, Tewantin Qld


Let me tell you about a wonderful kinesioligist and extraordinary human being, Brett Durston.
I have seen Brett over the last two years and have had the most incredible shifts that have helped create sustaining life changes. I find the combination of his skill as a kinesioligist, his empathy and refined intuition create magical results. We can go from the symptom to the cause of the physical, emotional or financial issue in a blink, and I leave the session feeling lighter, more empowered and clearer in my path ahead.
Within 48 hours of my last session I was booked and heading to California for a business retreat when it was not a conceivable possibility prior. Blessed to have him in the same postcode as me!!
Clare, Doonan QLD


The results of my sessions with Brett have been immediate and profound. You literally feel different when you leave than when you arrived. Brett brings a tremendous amount of integrity to his work and comes from a very clear and purposeful place. I have enjoyed our sessions tremendously.

 Heidi, Eumundi QLD


I have had sessions with Brett while at various points of life’s emotional compass. I have always left enlightened, often inspired and genuinely interested in my journey all over again. Always valuable.

James, Eumundi


Whatever make-believe pseudo medicine you practice, it has actually worked. Tomorrow will be a week since I had hay fever. Next round of Guinness is on me!

Tomas, Moffat Beach

**Note: This was from a highly sceptical, non-believing, at his wits-end good friend suffering from daily sinus issues for several months. This was after one balance.


I found Brett’s testing accurate and full of insight. I have felt embarrassed about my stuff coming up to the surface, Brett shows compassion and understanding. We are so very fortunate that he has chosen this path. I am a very big fan of kinesiology as it allows you to break limiting thought patterns with ease.

Lisa, Coolum


I am a 43 year old who had little to no experience with kinesiology.  What I did know was that I had no energy, was getting tired and frustrated for no reason and was generally feeling lethargic and negative.  I had a session with Brett that has helped immensely.  He made me feel at ease, and comfortable with the process.  He explained what he was doing and how my body was responding to certain stressors in my work and personal life.  He helped get to the root of a number of issues, which has left me feeling positive, uplifted and motivated for this year.  I would definitely recommend Brett for his professional, caring and reassuring attitude and approach to kinesiology which has assisted me greatly.

Adam, Innisfail